England is going okay so far.  J has been super stressed out with Toy designing deadlines and family life that is caotic.  I’ve been super stressed out with a sick baby and now I am sick.  It seems every time she gets better, a week later she has something new.

Playgroups. 🙁  They are like this necessary evil.  Aurora loves them, because she gets to play with new toys and new friends every time we go.  I love them for the same reason.  I hate them because kids are like ticking time bombs of germy contagiousness and it is truly hard to deal with the end result of that on your own.

This latest bout with sickness has left me with a sinus like infection and Aurora waking up at all hours of the night.  J went to China for a week, so I am left home to heal my own body with as little sleep as possible.  I finally put up the white flag and called in reinforcements, enters “The Babysitter”.  

It is the first time I have left Aurora with ANYBODY other than her parents for longer than 30 minutes.  True we had the Au Pair for a bit, but Aurora could always see me.  This time I am tucked away upstairs in my bed, enjoying 3 peaceful hours of sleep and it is WONDERFUL!!

I am so glad that I decided to have K come over and watch Aurora, she is great with her, Aurora adores her and I actually feel like I am getting better now, instead of worse.  I only had her come out yesterday and today, but I think that is just what I needed.  Tomorrow a friend of mine comes over with her daughter E and will spend the 3 hours playing with both girls while I enjoy my last day of naptime.  So Nice!!


  1. Eira

    Its awesome you have a timne for yourself. I have heard aboub au pair sounds great… its nice aurora loves her….. but ??? when and why did you move to England?? … are you staying there for living since now?? it seems we havent been in touch for so long … I didnt have idea you were out of USA

    love and hugs … E !!

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