Aurora’s weekly update – Week 32 No Poppa Week :(

Tuesday we went to a playgroup in Norwich to hang out with my friend JM and her two adorable little guys Charlie and Gus.  This is the first time Aurora has seen a little person smaller than her.  It was quite the experience for her, she just wanted to grab him and stand up and look closer.  It was so adorable. 
Aurora also had her first time in a playground swing!! She totally loved it!  By the time we got home, she was pretty wiped out and ready for bed.  How sweet life is when babies are sleeping. 

Wednesday we stayed home and played with each other, rolling, jumping, swinging, singing and walking all over the place.  As you can see, we had a blast!  Mmmmm pillow, tasty.

Thursday we spent the day sewing, singing, reading, cooking and eating tasty yogurt!  Very tasty yogurt.  Aurora loves yogurt, all kinds, except blueberry it seems, that is NOT her favorite, though she will eat it, but not very enthusiastically.

Friday  we went to visit some friends and family.  We got to play with baby animals!! 

We got to play in the sand! 

We got to play the piano!  How exciting.

Saturday we went to the Vermont Salvage Shop …
and pet the pretty metal horses and looked at bathtubs and bowling alley booths.

Sunday we hiked back up to the dome after enthusiastically enjoying fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream and from scratch waffles at our friend Plovers house.

We also enjoyed eating a calculator, while I made fire for my dinner.

Monday we went to pick up Poppa from the airport!!! Hooray!!  Tuesday they both spent all day on the trampoline on the 3rd floor.

The End.
D & A….and now J
The End


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