This winter we decided to book it to the Bahamas for a bit. The weather is beautiful. The people are kind, friendly and helpful. The cottage is adorable and cozy. We don’t have Internet access at the cottage, but it’s nice to not be plugged in for a bit. There is wireless down the street (like a block away), so I’ve just been walking within range and letting my tablet upload and download my stuff… Then I head back to the cottage and sort through it. The cottage is directly across from the beach. There is a little trail leading out to the water. We chose not to rent a car, because we felt we could find a way to get to where we wanted to go. There is a local business that goes into Freeport twice a day and a neighbor offered to drive us, if we pay for the gas. Both are super options! So far it’s all working out! Well that’s all for now.