“Bum Cadillac” Diaper Covers are here!!

After spending countless hours online searching for prefold diaper covers that are cute, functional and easy to maintain…. I gave up!  I then headed to JoAnn’s and decided I was just going to make my own.  I picked out some fancy flannel, a light pink PUL waterproof material, pink terry cloth and some black leotard (moisture wicking fabric).  A few minutes of searching in the pattern department and I was set!  The first one took a bit longer than it should have since I had to alter some things that the pattern wanted you to do and was getting the hang of how to best work with my chosen fabrics.  But in the end I came up with some fabulousness that cannot be found elsewhere!  To get some of your own, let me know by selecting the donate button on the side.  Suggested donation amount is $25 U.S. or $30 everywhere else.   Let me know the weight of the baby, gender and closure style (snaps or velcro) and I’ll take care of the rest!  These make wonderful baby gifts!  They can be used over cloth (prefolds) or disposable diapers too!!  If you have any questions, just let me know.