Holiday Madness & Traveling

So its been some time since I’ve done anything on this.  Sorry things have been a bit hectic.  We are currently in Canada visiting J’s family.  Just yesterday we were visiting my family in WI for the past week.  It was really nice seeing my brothers and sisters.  We had a great time.  I took some vids and pix so I could compile some type of Vlog for youtube.  Its been a while on that too.  I just had a bunch of demos and MS’s going on and hadn’t really felt like making anything or writing anything.  I think I go through those phases. 

The new things that are going on in my life…well I’ve decided its time to start making babies.  I guess I had already decided that when I was 30 it would be a good time to start.  Since thats coming up in several months, well I thought it would be a good time.  So hopefully that goes well. 

Next bit of exciting news is the Dome is pretty much all set for winter.  So when we get home it should be easier to toast the place up.  Plus we now have actual glass windows and a real door!!  Its really nice to not have to bend over and duck to get into the house, especially when you are carrying wood.  The super panels J made also keep the warmth from the fire from just escaping and help keep the entire dome at a reasonable temperature. 

The trip to my dad’s was pretty uneventful, so we didn’t get much video, plus we traveled mostly by night, and the camera doesn’t operate so well in the dark, since it doesn’t have a flash that stays on.  But I will try to get some video on the way back.  Seeing my siblings was cool.  I got to hang out with them each individually as well as together and it was really nice to get that time with them.  My dad is doing better that he has been in some time with his health and it was really nice to be able to spend time watching a movie with him, just him, my stepmom and me.  We watched an old Sherlock Holmes film called the Music Box.  I really enjoy old films and watching it with the two of them made it super.  Our christmas eve was spent celebrating “Polish” style at my Dad’s house, since my step mom’s family is Polish.  We had a great time catching up with all of my cousins and relatives.  Seeing their little kids growing up is amazing, since the last time we saw them was 2 years ago.  Christmas day dinner was celebrated at our Aunt S & Uncle J’s house, with my cousins (their children).  It was really fun and significantly quieter.  After dinner a few of the cousins and I sat down and watched Benny & Joon.  I totally love that movie and E was happy to share it with us.  The next few days we spent just hanging out around the house, J made some purse handles for my two new crochet bags, the handles came out beautifully.  My youngest sister did some carving on one of the 2 pair with her dremmel tool and then painted inside the carving, they look Awesome!  Finally yesterday we headed up to Hamilton, ON where J is from to spend the New Year with his family.  Made it to his mom’s house last nite around 1030p, ate some dinner and headed off to bed.  Today should be fun, since she is taking us shopping and I think we are going to visit his sister.  Will update you soon….

Thank you for all your kind comments and support.  I will keep you more updated as the holiday progresses….


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