Merry-Go-Round Go-Round

Today my high was…

Getting my work finished before it was later than it already was.

Hugs from J.

Making up a new recipe and publishing it.

Crocheting a cup warmer that was originally supposed to be a preemie hat, but wasn’t.

Confirming my friend SM is still coming over for our sleep over and we are totally gonna play truth or dare!! (hahahhaha, not really)

Hanging out in the Banana building with J in my SHORTS!! (yea toasty warm)

Going for  a looooooong walk outside, well I had to get to the car to do my work since I’m the idiot that left the papers there to begin with, but the walk was nice.


Hugs from J

Today my Low was….

J giving me constructive feedback

Bad Joojoo’s in the dome

Tears because I can’t be the person I so desperately want to be.

Not communicating well with  my bestfriend in the world

Okay thats it, hopefully tomorrows even SUNNIER!!!