The Demo of Death

Today was pretty enlightening…NOT!! I had this demo to do for this energy/calorie burning beverage. It was horrible. No one wanted to try it, I couldn’t even give away free cans of it, kinda reminded me of a bad horror movie… Anyway so I finally got out of there, 6 hours later, feeling like I should be hopped up on caffeine after that experience. I only tried a wee little bit, enough to get the awful taste slathered all over my tongue, but not enough to vomit it up. Well anyway then I grabbed some garlic bagel chips, mmmm, yea and that cleared that issue right up. Not much else to do, so I decided to surf around on the internet checking out silly girls and their profiles, man people are totally ridiculous these days, well maybe I’ll find some friends soon…hopefully. As long as they show up and call when they say they will, that would be a good start. I just want some reliable girl friends to hang out with, is that too much to ask?? Oh and so after I got home J and I headed over to Home Depot to get some plywood to put on the Dome so we can insulate it before winter hits, man I am excited about that!! We also scored some free carrots, potatoes and onions with purchase of a 3lb pork roast that was 2.49/lb, man that was a sweet deal. Well we got home, used our dirt road that J dug out last summer, and I had to get out part of the way, because I was getting truck sick. So I walked the last couple hundred feet, no biggie. Put together some tastyness with the pork roast, and now we are curling up to some Stargate Atlantis Season 2 and Sleep!! Oh I can’t wait for tomorrow, its gonna be fun, CRAFT DAY at Sarah’s!!! YAYAYAYYAYAY…. Sweet dreams.