Thoughts of you

I miss the things we used to do, the smile on your face.

The things I’d do to hear your voice, filled with love, not with hate.

The things I remember from yesterday they seem so far from here

Only hoping things will change and bring a better year.

I can’t express the way I feel for you outside my head

Being so emotionless, sometimes I feel so dead

Help me understand your ways, a closeness to you I would desire.

But you won’t move on from that place you stay, leaving your hand inside the fire.

I cannot help you to forget, but I can help you to forgive

me, yourself and those from your past, since that is the only way to live

I have had an experience comparable to what you recently endured

Take comfort in my arms, you don’t have to forget those you love, I learned that the only way to move on is to celebrate the little time you were granted and take from that and learn and grow but give new love its chances.